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The great pizza box contest - Free pizza for a year!

Introducing the annual Pompieri Pizza Box Contest. Up to five lucky winners will receive free pizza for a year.  Here’s how it works.

Starting with the first business day we are open in April (Friday April 1, 2016) visit Pompieri Pizza any time we are open for a free plain pizza box. We will give one box per person until all the entry boxes are gone. We ask for your name, birth date and email address in exchange for a box. You have until the close of business the last day we are open in April (April 30, 2016) to turn in your creation. We will select one winner ten and under years of age and four winners over ten years of age.

Your job is to create some sort of creative, decorative, theatrical or not, vocal or quiet, artistic or non-artistic, remarkable, and/or thought provoking piece using the pizza box and you must include a fire/flame, pizza or a fire station reference in some way. You can cut it, glue it, paint it, glaze it, papier mâché it, glitter it, tear it, burn it, tear it again, just about anything you want... you get the idea. We will select the winners and announce them on May 1st. If you win you get a free specialty pizza from our menu plus one non-alcoholic drink per week and the ten and under winner gets one free kids pizza and drink per week until our last business day in April the next year.  No late entries will be allowed.

Your box will hang for about a year in the restaurant  listed with your photo. Then we will hang the boxes on our walls decorate our white blank canvas around the restaurant.

The fine print: Teams can collaborate, but only one person can be the winner per box submitted. Only the designated winners can claim their pizzas. Must bring a photo ID to claim your weekly pizza.  Our business week runs Tuesday through Sunday. We are closed Mondays. All entries become the property of Pompieri Pizza. The under ten years of age winner must be under ten before May 1st and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to submit their box and to claim their pizzas each week. Your piece must have one large flat in tact panel in order to attach it to a wall. Your piece must be viewable by the public and non-offensive with regards to race, religion, gender, lifestyle choice, slander, political commentary, etc. We are a family friendly restaurant. Anything deemed not appropriate will be used as kindling in our ovens. Anything attached to the box must be safe and firmly affixed so as not to fall off. No entries allowed by employees or family members of Pompieri Pizza or Bull City Burger and Brewery.  You agree to the use of your art and your name and your photo in our social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, Google +, etc. as well as in the restaurant. No repeat winners. No scammers, no loophole finders, no twisters of the rules. It’s free pizza for a year, that’s pretty good. That’s our fine print.

“I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained, et cetera, et cetera... Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera... Memo bis punitor delicatum!” - Willy Wonka

And the winners for 2014 are...

Under 10 - Ella R.

Over 10 - Janice B., Rebecca H., Katy D., and Leo B.

Their art pieces are hanging in Pompieri.

And the winners for 2015 are...

Under 10 - Rachel

Over 10 - Shannon, Anna, Jennifer and Blair

Their art pieces are hanging in Pompieri.